Transformers: The Score
Jam that transmission!
Label: Warner Bros. Records
Release date: October 9, 2007
ASIN: B00122J2W2 (Download)

Transformers: The Score is an album featuring the original instrumental music composed by Steve Jablonsky for the live-action Transformers film. There was some doubt that such an album would be issued at all; however, after much clamoring by fans of the film, it was released on October 9, 2007 on Warner Brothers Records, some three months after the film's debut.


  1. Autobots* — The opening narration.
  2. Decepticons* — Frenzy infiltrates Air Force One. A similar-sounding track plays when Frenzy notifies Starscream of his finding the AllSpark, and Starscream tells the other Decepticons to mobilize.
  3. The All Spark* — The AllSpark is revealed to visitors to the Hoover Dam.
  4. Deciphering The Signal* — John Keller wishes "good luck" to the hackers.
  5. Frenzy* — Oddly, nothing to do with Frenzy, but during the scene with the newborn (and soon to be dead) crazed little Nokia abomination.
  6. Optimus* — Bumblebee meeting Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes after defeating Barricade; Optimus Prime announces he will sacrifice himself for the humans by absorbing the All Spark.
  7. Bumblebee* — Bumblebee causes the All Spark to downsize.
  8. SOCCENT Attack - Blackout attacks SOCCENT Forward Operations Base. Part of it also plays when Megatron escapes Hoover Dam.
  9. Sam At The Lake - Sam checks his eBay account; Sam and Miles have a run-in with a local jock/jerk.
  10. Scorponok* — Scorponok attacks the village in Qatar. Appears again as Secretary Keller and company face off against Frenzy inside Hoover Dam. A sped-up version also plays when Bumblebee meets up with the other Autobots on the highway shortly before the final battle. A different version of the theme is played during the final battle in Revenge of the Fallen.
  11. Cybertron — Optimus narrates how Cybertron was destroyed and Archibald Witwicky's discovery of Megatron.
  12. Arrival To Earth* — Optimus, Ratchet, Jazz and Ironhide make their debut. The beginning is also used when Archibald Witwicky's Arctic expedition is first shown, as Sam is telling his class about it.[1]
  13. Witwicky — The Autobots cause mayhem at the Witwicky home as Sam searches for his grandfather's glasses.
  14. Downtown Battle — The human-Autobot convoy arrives in Mission City and are shot at by Starscream.
  15. Sector 7 — Sector 7 chases Optimus Prime through the city and under a bridge.
  16. Bumblebee Captured — Sector 7 captures Bumblebee in a huge drainage ditch.
  17. You're A Soldier Now — Ironhide, Jazz and Ratchet fight Devastator, Megatron kills Jazz, Sam Witwicky starts taking the All Spark to a rendevouz point, and Optimus arrives. The end of the song was played in Revenge of the Fallen when Bumblebee defeated Ravage and Rampage, and a similar piece was played in Dark of the Moon when Optimus killed Driller.
  18. Sam On The Roof* — Starscream blows up the helicopter and Megatron smashes the building Sam is on.
  19. Optimus Vs. Megatron — From Optimus explaining Sam may have to kill him, to when Sam choses to kill Megatron instead.
  20. No Sacrifice, No Victory* — The part of the ending that did not involve Linkin Park.[1]

* "different version in film"


  • Like many movie score albums, this one is not in chronologically sequential order. Some tracks were used more than once; for example, a faster-paced version of "Scorponok"'s chorus is heard when the humans at Hoover Dam are fighting off Frenzy.
  • Shortly before the release of the official score, a small collection of tracks was released to media outlets as a promotional item, and soon found its way online.
  • MP3 rips of a longer and more complete version of the score found their way online about the same time as the release of the official score. Notably, this collection features the tracks edited at lengths for inclusion into the movie during the sound editing process, suggesting that it was possibly leaked from the recording studio. Also of note was the absence of the major themes from the score, such as "Autobots", "Decepticons", "Optimus", "Bumblebee" and "Arrival to Earth".
  • The tracks "Optimus Vs. Megatron" and "No Sacrifice, No Victory" were used during various New England Patriots promos for Super Bowl XLII, and later used by networks such as NBC and Network Seven during coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
  • The track "Scorponok" has been reused for at least one promotional spot for Revenge of the Fallen. The heroic chorus of this track was remixed for Revenge's second theatrical trailer.
  • Rearranged parts of largely-celebrated track "Arrival to Earth" was used in scenes of Revenge of the Fallen, such as when Optimus Prime airdropped out of the transport plane above Shanghai and during the search for Jetfire at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. The leitmotif was later again used at various points throughout Dark of the Moon, especially notable in Dark of the Moon: The Score for the track "There Is No Plan".


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