Learn to Count Activity Tablet
Publisher Mead
Date published 2006

Save for the opening flap, each of the first 40 pages is set up so that the front contains a specific activity relating to the number that each page is supposed to be teaching (such as coloring in only two logos out of a set of four). The back of each page contains two smaller activities (such as circling all the instances of the number 1 in a group and coloring only one of two pictures) as well as two tablet lines so that the reader can practice writing the number on each page.

The second set of 6 pages is additional tablet lines for further writing practice; each number is once again given two tablet lines, with some numbers having their second line on either a different page or a different side of a page.


The spine of the book is set at the top rather than the side, meaning that unless the reader removes each of the working pages then the rear half of each page will be upside-down; one will have to keep flipping the book around.