Rebecca Howard
Rebecca howard
Appeared in Sector Seven
Giant Effing Robots
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Gender Female
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Dr. Rebecca Howard is a scientist with expertise in a variety of fields, including bio-medical engineering, thermodynamics, and theoretical astrophysics. She worked for Sector Seven in the area of weapons design, before several clashes with her superiors (specifically, her ex-boyfriend Alexander Powers) that nearly resulted in her imprisonment in the organization's notorious secret prison facility, Section N44E.

After escaping from custody with the help of the mysterious Agent X, she became a member of the Stop Sector Seven movement (using the internet screen name sciencehottie35) and is believed to have later assumed the mantle of Agent X herself.


Sector Seven continutyEdit

On February 2nd, 2007, Dr. Howard sent an e-mail to Powers expressing her continued reservations about a directive to resume research on Project Maximum Shunt. Reminding him of the disastrous AX9-8946-09SU-1 experiment, which resulted in the death of researcher James Farr, she insisted that they were pushing too fast and urged caution.

February 4th, she reported to Powers via video link on the development of her latest weapon design, the XK-Plasma-1. Powers was disappointed that she had only presented the schematics for a single new weapon, insisting that they would need at least ten if they were to stand a chance against a possible N.B.E. invasion. Howard protested that she needed more resources, while Powers insisted that she had everything Sector Seven could spare. Howard countered that if the organization went public, it would be possible to get additional funding from other countries such as China, Russia, and Japan. Powers dismissed the possibility, stating that going public would only serve to cause a panic.

When Howard questioned how long Powers thought they could keep a lid on things, and in doing so addressed him as "Alex," he curtly corrected her to refer to him as Agent Powers, and gave her a week to produce ten new weapon designs or tender her resignation. When he subsequently tried to inquire casually as to how she'd been, she angrily terminated the transmission.

In an e-mail sent on February 26, Dr. Howard reported that after breaking through a firewall into a new section of the Megaman's "central non-volatile storage device," her Tiger Team had managed to decode and translate two audio files appearing to include the voice of another "ferrous-based life form." Believing this being, designated N.B.E. Two, to be an enemy of the Megaman, she suggested attempting to initiate contact with it and to enlist its help in the defense of Earth. Howard stated that she had prepared a message to this effect to be transmitted through SETI's Arecibo Radio Telescope.

Powers responded to this e-mail with an order to cease and desist all efforts at contacting N.B.E. Two immediately, insisting that even if such an entity actually existed, it most likely wanted to conquer the planet, just the same as the rest of its species. Howard replied in turn, imploring him to listen to a further translation of N.B.E Two's voice. Insisting that the alien sounded "reasonable, even munificent," she stated that she felt sure that N.B.E. Two would help them and that she would broadcast her message within the hour if she didn't hear back from him.

Agent Powers's e-mail reply to this was...somewhat less than professional.

Ordering her not to transit her message, Powers scolded Howard, insisting that Sector Seven "doesn't run on feelings." He then went on a bit of a rant, accusing her of cheating on her IQ test, telling her that she was just a "hired gun" and as such had no role in setting S7 policy, insisting that no one was interested in her theories about how to protect the planet and that she should just stick to her own job, bluntly reminding her that he was her superior officer and that their former personal relationship was "dead and gone," and expressing regret that he had ever "given in" to her "aggressive advances" in the first place. He closed with an order to return to the weapon design work he had ordered her to do and a reminder that he could have her replaced with a single phone call.

Howard powers vidchat

On March 5, Dr. Howard and Agent Powers spoke over a video link again. Powers first scolded Howard for having gone over his head, presumably with her plan for attempting contact with N.B.E. Two. She appeared not to have been successful in convincing his superiors either. After Powers questioned whether she got some sort of thrill from undermining his authority, a testy exchange followed in which Howard pointed out that intelligence reports on invasion scenarios gave them little chance against the N.B.E.'s ("That's why we need weapons." "That's why we need allies."), and Powers insisted that Howard focus all of her resources on weapon design, unless she wanted to "get busted all the way down to assistant toilet scrubber."

Powers then shared some new data Sector Seven had received, which appeared to show that an N.B.E. had arrived on Earth and was engaged in recon activity, searching for something. Worried about the alien's unknown target, Howard asked "Do you think it could be...?" to which Powers soberly replied, "Let's hope not."

Despite knowing that she was being monitored by Sector Seven security, on March 26, Dr. Howard transmitted her message asking N.B.E. Two for help. The transmission was shut down, and Dr. Howard was detained.

On April 1st, Dr. Howard was interrogated by Agent Powers while handcuffed to a chair. He demanded to know who she was working for, and disbelieved her when she told him she had acted alone. He accused her of betraying her country, her planet, and him. She initially struck a defiant tone in response, until Powers informed his ex-girlfriend that he was having her sent to Section N44E, "forever."

Powers howard interrogation

Clearly frightened by the prospect, Howard insisted she was just trying to do what she thought was right, and tried to convince Powers to change his mind by reminding him of their history together. Powers was unmoved, insisting that he had the safety of the entire planet to worry and couldn't let personal feelings get in the way. However, he did offer her a way out: tell him the identity of the mysterious Agent X, who had been hacking into Sector Seven's systems for weeks. Howard replied that she didn't know. Powers was then abruptly, and conveniently, called out of the room.

After he was gone, and Dr. Howard left alone, the camera started to flicker, and a heavily distorted voice started speaking to her. This was Agent X, who told Dr. Howard that he'd been studying her, and in addition her impressive scientific credentials, he knew she had the guts to do what was right even when it meant disobeying orders. He told of her of his mission, to expose the secrets of Sector Seven to a world that deserved to know the truth, and gave her the choice of joining him or wasting away in Sector Seven's secret prison. Telling her that S7 was about to trace his signal, he began a melodramatic "you have five seconds" countdown. After she agreed, at the last moment of course, the lights dimmed and the sound of handcuffs being unlocked was heard. When the lights came back up, she was gone.

On April 12th, a post was made to the Stop Sector Seven Buzznet group by Dr. Howard, under the username "sciencehottie35." It revealed the latest in a series of passwords allowing the public access via remote client to Sector Seven's top secret network, this one the rather personalized "BYEBYEPOWERS."

That same day, she contacted Agent Powers via video link with the man believed to be Agent X at her side, only his hand visible in the frame. Looking somewhat haggard, Howard presented Sector Seven with an ultimatum: re-instate her and allow her to bring in scientists from all other major industrialized nations in order to deal with the N.B.E. situation, or she would go public with everything she knew about Sector Seven, including the "thirty cenobytes" of data on a disk she had stolen during her escape. Powers, who had seemed even smugger than usual, then informed Howard that he had a team of agents closing in her position, thanks to a subdermal tracking device that she had been unknowingly implanted with during her initial medical screening.

Powers then told her that if she gave up now, he would rescind the team's authorization to use lethal force. Howard's response was to tell her ex-boyfriend that he had just made the second biggest mistake of his life, before storming off-camera. Powers gave his team the take down order, and gunfire was briefly heard, followed by an explosion, and the video link was disrupted. Asked by Powers for a status report, the leader of the field team told him that the whole building had just gone up in flames. He wasn't sure why, but speculated that they may have hit a gas main.

On April 18th, the latest in a series of podcasts by Agent X was released. In the previous installment, the man of mystery had informed his listeners that the next time they heard his voice it would be "different." This proved to be true, as despite the distortion effects the new voice of Agent X was noticeably a female one. She informed the members of the Stop Sector Seven movement that the group had taken notice of their efforts, and would soon be attempting to counteract them by sending agents out into the public to spread further disinformation. She promised to provide further information on when and where these agents would be, and how to counter their lies.

An e-mail dated April 23rd sent to Agent Powers by X made it apparent that the new voice was in fact Rebecca Howard. Although in the audio file it contained the voice spoke of her in the third person, the personal satisfaction was clear as it addressed Powers by his first name while informing him that the message Howard had attempted to send out to contact N.B.E. 2 had apparently made it through after all. Included as evidence was video footage apparently taken from a satellite which showed an object arriving in Earth's atmosphere. The voice stated that this UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon), while smaller than N.B.E. 2, did have a matching energy signature, and concluded that perhaps "Doctor Howard" had been right about their having potential allies.

The identity of the new Agent X was further indicated by the e-mail's text, which began "Long time, no see. In fact, you won't see me ever again." S7's Department of Network Security clearly understood this as well, as in forwarding the e-mail to their superior, they noted that they probably wouldn't be dealing this problem if Powers had "just kept it in his pants." Sector Seven

Agent X is still out there, hunted by the government and passing information to conspiracy bloggers like Leo Spitz.[1] The Real Effing Deal That Rebecca Howard is indeed the new X would seem to be confirmed by conspiracy website operator Robo-Warrior, who claimed he doubted X existed while referring to X as "she". When Leo's blog had referred to Agent X as male. Hmmm... [2]


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Trivia Edit

  • Rebecca Howard's Sector Seven service number is 389987RD4.
  • According to sciencehottie35's Buzznet user profile, she is 30 years old, and her astrological sign is Cancer. [3]