Kickback (Movie)
NBE 125
Appeared in Sector Seven
Status Living
Gender Male



Sector Seven continutyEdit

Video footage was taken of a small mechanical grasshopper on a tree branch. The grasshopper then flew towards the camera changing into a robot and proceeded to attack the camera, breaking the lens. It was sightings like this and others that prompted the secret government organization known as Sector Seven to launch a disinformation campaign called Hungry Dragon. A key part of this was the Takara Agreement, a collaboration with a Japanese toy manufacturer Takara. The goal of the agreement was to portray non-biological extraterrestrials as kids' toys, cartoons, and fiction. Any claims of actual sightings of giant robots would be seen as fanciful nonsense.

The original footage of the grasshopper was eventually leaked to the public through the internet. Sector Seven (game)


  • Sector 7 canon (1 appearances)