Hiro Kurosawa
H. kurosawa
Appeared in Sector Seven
Status Living
Gender Male

Hiro Kurosawa (1970s– ) is a battle robot and character actor. He is known for his electronic lights and sounds, LED-tummy and firing projectiles.

In January 2006 he had a screen test for the 2006 Transformers film, which included a "grand finale" where he displayed a movie-style Autobot logo he had downloaded off a website. Despite his extensive preparation, both he and producers felt he would be unable to deliver the performance to pass as a Transformer robot. Despite not getting the part, his screen test was later bundled as part of a viral advertisement for the movie.

It is not clear what role Kurosawa-san was auditioning for, possibly an AllSpark Mutation.

He would later try again for the second film, using the same routine. It didn't work then either.


Sector Seven continutyEdit

Reggie Simmons received review copy of the viral ad featuring H. Kurosawa's screen test as part of the Hungry Dragon 2 disinformation campaign. Sector Seven (game)


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