Alexander Powers
Appeared in Sector Seven
Status Alive
Gender Male
Actor  ??

Alexander Powers is a total douche.

Of course he works for Sector Seven, so it may just be a job requirement.


Sector Seven continutyEdit

Howard powers vidchat

On March 5, Dr. Howard and Agent Powers spoke over a video link again. Powers first scolded Howard for having gone over his head, presumably with her plan for attempting contact with N.B.E. Two. She appeared not to have been successful in convincing his superiors either. After Powers questioned whether she got some sort of thrill from undermining his authority, a testy exchange followed in which Howard pointed out that intelligence reports on invasion scenarios gave them little chance against the N.B.E.'s ("That's why we need weapons." "That's why we need allies."), and Powers insisted that Howard focus all of her resources on weapon design, unless she wanted to "get busted all the way down to assistant toilet scrubber."

Powers then shared some new data Sector Seven had received, which appeared to show that an N.B.E. had arrived on Earth and was engaged in recon activity, searching for something. Worried about the alien's unknown target, Howard asked "Do you think it could be...?" to which Powers soberly replied, "Let's hope not."

On April 1st, Agent Powers interrogated Dr. Howard while handcuffed to a chair. He demanded to know who she was working for, and disbelieved her when she told him she had acted alone. He accused her of betraying her country, her planet, and him. She initially struck a defiant tone in response, until Powers informed his ex-girlfriend that he was having her sent to Section N44E, "forever."

Powers howard interrogation

Clearly frightened by the prospect, Howard insisted she was just trying to do what she thought was right, and tried to convince Powers to change his mind by reminding him of their history together. Powers was unmoved, insisting that he had the safety of the entire planet to worry and couldn't let personal feelings get in the way. However, he did offer her a way out: tell him the identity of the mysterious Agent X, who had been hacking into Sector Seven's systems for weeks. Howard replied that she didn't know. Powers was then abruptly, and conveniently, called out of the room. Sector Seven (game)


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